Aviation Job Portal - Website and Mobile App Development

Aviation Job Portal - Website and Mobile App Development


Welcome to Recrewt Me, your entrance to soaring employment options in the vibrant world of aviation. Recrewt Me is not simply a job portal; it's your individual cockpit for navigating a sky full of career opportunities. Recrewt Me is designed and developed to satisfy the unique demands of the aviation sector, whether you're a seasoned pilot, a professional technician, or desire to be a member of the ground crew. Our network connects outstanding individuals with prominent aviation employers, ensuring a smooth transition to a successful and profitable professional journey. Recrewt Me - where aviation dreams take flight- is here to help you advance your career.

USP our our aviation employment platform, which is a Q&A forum similar to Stack Overflow, distinguishes itself by its innovative approach to developing a collaborative and knowledge-sharing community within the aviation sector. Unlike traditional job boards, our website includes a robust Q&A forum where aviation professionals may seek and share perspectives, skills, and industry knowledge.

Tech Stack:

The "Recrewt Me" tech stack for the job portal's design and development combines a well-rounded set of tools and frameworks to ensure a seamless and responsive user experience across several devices.

Mobile Application : Flutter SDK version3.16.0

Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript

Back-end: PHP, Laravel VERSION 10

API: Format: JSON Format

Method: POST

Security: Dynamic Auth key generated on each login so user logged our from all previous devices after login to new device.

UI/UX DesignFigma

Frontend Development:

HTML5 includes semantic markup as well as support for modern web technologies. Meanwhile, CSS3 is critical in creating visually appealing and responsive designs that provide a better user experience. The Bootstrap framework is used to shorten the development process and prioritize mobile responsiveness, providing a solid foundation for design mobile-first designs that adapt easily to different devices. jQuery is used to simplify complicated tasks like as altering the DOM and performing delayed operations. Finally, JavaScript takes the lead in client-side scripting, allowing developers to incorporate dynamic and interactive components into online applications, improving the overall user experience. These technologies work together to create a unified stack that balances structure, style, responsiveness, and interactivity to produce compelling and modern web application.

Backend Development:


PHP is a server-side scripting language that is widely used in web development and is the engine powering the backend.

Laravel Framework:

Laravel is a PHP framework for online applications that is preferred for its sophisticated syntax, strong functionalities, and capacity to simplify routine development duties. Laravel 10 assures access to the most recent features and security upgrades.

Mobile Application Development:

Flutter SDK (Version 3.16.0):

For mobile application development, the Flutter SDK is employed. Flutter allows for the creation of cross-platform mobile applications with a single codebase, ensuring consistency across iOS and Android platforms. The use of the latest version, 3.16.0, indicates a commitment to staying current with Flutter's features and improvements.

Delivered Solution:

1)Mobile Application:

Our mobile applications is designed and developed for aviation enthusiasts and professionals. This mobile app takes your career aspirations to new heights, offering a seamless and efficient platform for accessing the latest opportunities in the dynamic aviation industry. With user friendly interface, Recrewt Me ensures that you can navigate through job listings, submit applications, stay updated on the go.


Tailored for professional in the aviation industry, our website is a dedicated hub designed to connect skilled individuals with exciting opportunities across the aerospace sector. Immerse yourself in user friendly experience. Whether you're a seasoned pilot, a meticulous technician, or aspiring to  join ground operations, our job portal is your gateway to a world of aviation.

3)Admin panel:

Our Admin Panel is the hub where convenience and accuracy come together, giving administrators the ability to effectively manage and improve the entire ecology of the employment site. The Admin Panel's user-friendly interface enables for easy management of job postings, user profiles, and application management. Dive into detailed data to learn about user engagement, job posting patterns, and other vital information.

4)Recruiter Panel:

Within our dedicated job platform, the Recruiter Panel serves as the command center for hiring professionals and companies. This panel, which is made with efficiency and accuracy in mind, gives recruiters easy-to-use tools to manage job postings, expedite applicant processing, and develop a strong talent pool for the aviation sector. Using a user-friendly interface, recruiters can easily post and manage job opportunities, assess applications, and interact with potential applicants. The Recruiter Panel is more than just a place to post positions; it's a dynamic environment where recruiters can monitor the success of their postings, follow applicant patterns, and gain vital insights to improve their hiring tactics.


Finally, our aviation-specific job portal website and application demonstrated the effective combination of cutting-edge technology to satisfy the special demands of both job searches and employers in this dynamic sector. This case study demonstrates not only expertise in technologies, combined with a user-centric design philosophy, demonstrates, our commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable experince within the aviation work landscapes. As the aviation sector advances, our employment platform remains adaptable and ready to take jobs to new heights.

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