Purple Inventory with POS: Website Development

Purple Inventory with POS: Website Development


Introducing "Purple Inventory", a cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) system created by Deepminds Infotech. Businesses need reliable, scalable, and effective Point of Sale (POS) systems in today's quickly changing retail environment in order to improve customer experiences, expedite processes, and spur expansion. With its cutting-edge technology, user-friendly design, and customized functionalities, Purple Inventory stands out as a game-changing solution that gives retailers, enterprises, and entrepreneurs access to a feature-rich, all-inclusive point-of-sale (POS) system. In order to show Purple Inventory's transformative impact, strategic advantages, and market differentiation in revolutionizing retail operations, management, and success in the cutthroat industry, this case study explores the company's development process, key features, benefits, implementation, and success stories.

Tech Stack:

Front End:- HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap5, jQuery, JavaScript

Back End:- PHP 7.0, CI3 Framework

Database:- MariaDB, My SQL

Mobile:- Bootstrap5 Responsive

For Coding Tools:- VS Code, Git , Sublime

Testing Tools:- Internal Support System (Deepminds)

Front End:

HTML5 includes semantic markup as well as support for modern web technologies. Meanwhile, CSS3 is critical in creating visually appealing and responsive designs that provide a better user experience. The Bootstrap framework is used to shorten the development process and prioritize mobile responsiveness, providing a solid foundation for design mobile-first designs that adapt easily to different devices. jQuery is used to simplify complicated tasks like as altering the DOM and performing delayed operations. Finally, JavaScript takes the lead in client-side scripting, allowing developers to incorporate dynamic and interactive components into online applications, improving the overall user experience. These technologies work together to create a unified stack that balances structure, style, responsiveness, and interactivity to produce compelling and modern web application.

Back End:

PHP: PHP 7.0 is a server-side scripting language that is widely used in web development and is the engine powering the backend. We utilized PHP with Codeigniter3 framework to developed a robust and scalable infrastructure .


Both MariaDB and MySQL offer robust, scalable, and secure database solutions that support various web applications, content management systems, e-commerce platforms, and dynamic websites.


Our website development project made effective use of Bootstrap 5, a top front-end framework, to guarantee flawless responsiveness and top performance on a range of mobile devices. We achieved consistent layout, navigation, and functionality across smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices by utilizing the responsive classes, breakpoints, and features of Bootstrap 5. This improved accessibility, engagement, and satisfaction while optimizing load times, compatibility, and cross-browser support.


As our main coding tools, we used Sublime, Git, and VS Code. Our coding productivity and efficiency were increased by VS Code's strong integrated development environment , which was loaded with useful features, extensions, and customization choices. Our team was able to work together more easily and efficiently because to Git's support for codebase management, version control, and synchronized development. Additionally, Sublime Text's sophisticated features, syntax highlighting, and editing tools improved our coding experience. With them, we were able to efficiently create, modify, and manage website components while guaranteeing their responsiveness, scalability, and compliance with client requirements and industry standards throughout the development process.


In order to guarantee functionality, performance, and dependability, website development projects employ Deepminds' Internal Support System as a comprehensive testing platform. With the help of this system, developers can carry out thorough testing, debugging, and validation procedures in an organized setting, finding and fixing problems, mistakes, and inconsistencies with the functionality, design, and user experience of the website. Deepminds guarantees adherence to industry standards, best practices, and client specifications by integrating the Internal Support System into the development workflow. This results in seamless, user-centric, and responsive websites that satisfy quality standards, security requirements, and performance expectations in the tough digital landscape.

Delivered Solution:

Web Application:

Our web-based Purple Inventory POS System is a feature-rich digital platform that helps retail, hotel, and service industries manage inventory, close sales, and run their businesses more efficiently. With the help of this web-based solution, businesses can process payments, track sales, keep an eye on inventory levels, generate reports, and analyze client data in real-time. The user-friendly interface is available through web browsers.


The case study on Deepminds Infotech's Point of Sale (POS) system, Purple Inventory, concludes by highlighting the revolutionary power of creative technological solutions in resolving challenging business issues, improving operational effectiveness, and spurring expansion in the retail sector. Purple Inventory is a reliable, scalable, and user-centric point-of-sale (POS) system that Deepminds Infotech successfully conceptualized, built, and delivered to satisfy the specific demands, specifications, and goals of our customer. This was accomplished through rigorous planning, design, development, and implementation procedures.

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